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Our Mission

All young people deserve to achieve their full potential, and our foundation is dedicated to making that dream a reality. We have assembled a core of incredible mentors to help guide youth and their families towards success, supported by top-notch programs and facilities. From providing educational opportunities to career resources to extracurricular fun, our foundation expands the horizons of not only these amazing young people, but their entire community as well.


In all that we do and create, our approach is one of sincerity, enthusiasm, and gratitude.


Our priority is to always honor what is just and right, and that means holding our community of students to the highest standards of responsibility and trustworthiness.


Those enrolled in our programs are taught to take pride in their accomplishments and develop a healthy, productive attitude towards personal challenges. We learn from our mistakes and use them as opportunities to grow.


As we teach those in our program to always apply themselves with wholehearted dedication, so are we similarly committed to their continual improvement and well-being.


When I look back at my life, I realize that the struggles and challenges I faced as a child are part of what pushed me to achieve the successes I have today. But nobody should have to suffer the stigma of being an “inner city child” the way that I did, and that’s why I want to give back to the communities that once fostered me. Through this foundation, my dream is to ensure that these kids, kids like my own seven siblings, can grow up in a supportive environment with easy access to career resources and education.

When I was younger, nobody ever told me what I could become if I put my mind to it. Now, I’m creating pilot programs for those with less opportunities in life so that they can follow their dreams the way I never knew I could.

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John Ross III

Scope Of Services

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From John Ross III

What Do
We Do?

The John Ross III Foundation is a non-profit that aims to help young people & their communities by offering an array of support, guidance & developmental programs and facilities.

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How Can
You Help?

Anybody who wants to participate in our growing movement can join the team and dedicate their time, services, money, or whatever other resources they are able to offer.

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What Will
We Achieve?

We believe that with these small steps, we will inspire and develop a new wave of community growth - starting with its youngest members.

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